As part of Dyenamic Solutions’ drive to help businesses increase their sales we are developing an online marketing opportunity.

If you are a Great British business who is creating a Britain made qaulity product- we can help you sell all over the world!

We live in a global world where the label “Made in Britain” is a bit more complicated than it used to be.

So we have devised a five step process for working out how British your goods or services are:

Great British Design– Was your product or service designed or created in Great Britain?

Great British Ingredients– Is your product made from British raw materials- or British staff?
Great Britain Made– Is your product actually made or manufactered in Britain?
Great Britain Owned– Is the parent company based in Britain. The clue will be are you incorporated and pay UK tax?

Great British– In short have you won any British awards for quality or superior performance?

So when you browse through our products and services you will see one to five Union Jack flags by each company. The more flags that you see- the more British their product or service.

Does your product or service satisfy one or more of the above criteria? If so please contact us now to claim your listing.


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