Google’s Ads Search Professional Certificates Simon Dye

Simon Dye our Director has passed Google’s Ads Search Professional Certification.

This means that Simon Dye has demonstrated his ability to strategise, develop, manage and optimise Google Ads Search campaigns.

Which means if you are looking to promote your business and website online we can do so to achieve your goals in a cost effective, effective and efficient manner.

By earning the Google Ads Search Professional Certification, Google recognises his ability to:

  • Use best practices to create a Google Search campaign.
  • Create a strategy to reach your customers based off of your marketing objectives.
  • Use Search ad formats to drive results for your business.
  • Create a Smart Bidding strategy aligned to your marketing objectives.
  • Describe optimisation strategies to increase sales or leads search campaigns.
  • Develop a value-based strategy using bidding and budgets to meet marketing objectives.
  • Explain advanced creative customisation with Google search ads.
  • Use bidding optimisation best practices to fulfil marketing objectives with Google Ads.
  • Implement Performance Planner best practices to help fulfil marketing objectives.

You can find confirmation of the
Google Ads Search Professional Certification

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