3 Types of Data Science SEO and How They Work – Part 2

3 Types of Data Science SEO and How They Work

  1. The Data Science SEO Task Force

Come back in time with me for a moment and let’s take a look at one of the best collaborations of all time: The A-Team.

Everyone on this iconic team had a specific role and as a result, they succeeded brilliantly in each of their collective missions.

Unfortunately, there were no episodes on SEO. But what might your data science SEO task force look like?

You will surely need an SEO expert working closely with a data scientist and a developer. Together, this team will run the project, prepare the data, and use the machine learning algorithms.

The SEO expert is best positioned to double as a project manager and handle communication with management and external stakeholders. (In larger companies, there may be dedicated roles for the team’s manager and project leader.)

Here are several examples of projects that this type of team might be responsible for:

  • Setting up an enterprise data warehouse (an out-of-the-box data warehouse that merges business, market share-of-voice, technical, and content data).
  • Identification and resolution of “zombie” pages.
  • Detection of new queries.
  • Forecasting of traffic/profits following certain actions.

Of course, teams need tools to maximize their efforts. This brings us to the idea of data SEO-compliant software.

I believe there are three principles to adhere to carefully here in order to avoid using black-box tools that give you results without explaining their methodologies and algorithms.

  1. Access to documentation that clearly explains the algorithms and parameters of the machine learning model.
  2. The ability to reproduce the results yourself on a separate dataset to validate the methodology. This doesn’t mean copying software: all the challenges are in the performance, security, reliability, and industrialization of machine learning models, not in the model or the methodology itself.
  3. The tool must have followed a scientific approach by communicating the context, the objectives, the methods tested, and the final results.

Data SEO is a scientific approach to optimizing for search that relies on data analysis and the use of data science to make decisions.

Whatever your budget, it is possible to implement data science methods. The current trend is that concepts used by data scientists are becoming increasingly accessible to anyone interested in the field.

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