Google’s Gemini prompt guide

Google’s Gemini for Google Workspace new prompt guide.

Google has just published a new Prompt Guide  for it’s AI Gemini for Google Workspace.

The guide is 40+ pages and has tips on how to prompt Google Gemini to get better results.

It also features lots of great use cases for Gemini across marketing, sales, and service.

Unlike the prompting “gurus” out there, Google advises users to keep prompting simple.

The company says “the most successful prompts average around 21 words.”

They also say there are four main areas to consider when writing an effective prompt. (Though you don’t even need to use all four.)

  • Persona. What role is the AI playing?
  • Task. What task do you want it to do?
  • Context. What context would be helpful for it to know?
  • Format. What format should the output be in?

Google also says to use natural language, be specific, and provide as much context as possible.

Google also offers a range of sample prompts that professionals can use.

These include:

  • Turning your notes from a meeting or research into ideas within Docs: Generate a list of four relevant and engaging thought leadership blog post ideas for your company based on trending topics, target audience analysis, and brand keywords
  • Doing market research using Gemini: I need to do market research on your industry to identify new trends. Use URLs to uncover emerging trends and shifting consumer preferences.
  • Writing sales emails for outreach in Gmail: Write an email inviting people interested in your focus area to our happy hour taking place on a given date, time at your event. Include what area you specialize in .

And the guide has dozens more prompts you can use across Gemini, Docs, Slides, and Gmail.

You can download the Google Gemini for Google Workspace guide for free here.

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