Dynamic Solutions’s technology predictions for 2013

With the New Year celebrations receeding in the rear view mirror we now look ahead for 2013 technological predictions.Mobile – mobile devices offer people a fundamentally different relationship with technology, one that is both personal and pervasive and increasingly our first point of contact for anything we do both inside and outside of work.

This convergence of different technologies into one box- a smartphone, is growing ever smarter, larger and more powerful.

Data – this may feel like a cliche, but more and more data is going to become the lifeblood of all our activities, providing insight and innovation that will enable us to transform the way we do business, among many other things.

Whilst we currently spend most of our time online reading- this is a slow process which under uses our advanced senses.

As such we at Dyenamic Solutions are in the process of building a new communications process which we expect to launch in February. So please come back soon.

Lastly- and the most important- trust.

Trust – One of the last refuge of humanity will make it to our digital existence. Employees, employers, brands, busineses, websites and advertisers and consumers will increasingly understand its importance in engaging customers and employees when delivering services. And getting their cooperation and agreement will be key.

So as the year progresses- Good Luck to you.