Feeling the Brexit effect as international online orders rise?

Feeling the Brexit effect as international online orders rise?

Are you feeling it?

The Brexit effect has helped to lift online sales in the UK, with almost a third of orders placed in this country in January heading for international destinations. Most were bound for other EU countries, according to research from the IMRG and MetaPack. The drop in sterling’s value following Brexit has made the UK a ‘value for money’ destination. No longer, it seems, are our retailers losing out to cheap imports: now the buzzword is cheap exports.

Is that a good thing?

In the short term, sure, and retailers are no doubt making hay while the currency sun shines in their direction. But this isn’t a fact to build a long-term strategy on. Retailers from Next to the supermarkets have warned for some time that rising cost prices will mean they will need to put their prices up. We reported earlier this month that few UK retailers had made a plan for Brexit – but there does need to be a plan for what happens when price rises do come into effect, and the UK is no longer as attractive to cost conscious international and shoppers.

That strategy might also usefully cover the Internet of Things, while considering increased engagement via social media. Today we’re reporting as a study suggests that use of the Internet of Things will become widespread by 2019, and as a discount voucher site holds what it says is the industry’s first Facebook Live show.

We also report on research that suggests customers value the retail experience above the actual transaction.


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