How AI Can Help Google Love Your Content

How Google uses SEO, content strategy, and artificial intelligence to all work together to make your content timely, relevant, and FOUND.

Recent news stories and op-eds have said that Google will penalise websites and content written using artificial intelligence. Yes, if copy is used verbatim, if the output is nonsense, or if it isn’t factual or complete then search engines will recognise that.

However, AI can help at all stages of the content marketing lifecycle beyond just writing—including helping with researching, planning, briefing, editing, refreshing, and optimizing. AI can do much of the manual work for you, so you can focus on creating high-quality content your audience will love and search engines will reward.

Google’s AI drives the SEO industry- so all of us are being effected by AI.

As technologies like AI and machine learning have rapidly improved, so have opportunities to show up for customers in more connected and consistent ways. Automation is now a multiplying force for businesses.

Google has been evaluating content quality for years. SEO is no longer about finding high volume low competition keywords but about satisfying the needs of the user with quality content- with the emphasis on Quality, Intent, Relevenace and Content, Continuous Updates.

Why are they going this direction- because technology is changing which creates a better result.

You have to do the right thing- but know what the right thing actually is. If you are the expert you will have many pages of related content. You need to be the expert on what you do.

Create clusters of stories to confirm you know your subject.

Move processes from manual to automatic processes- how are you building content and communications.

AI is an assistive thing- NOT getting rid of humans- it’s gain is to only create efficiency gains that improve performance

The overall 4 step process is content inventory- planning and prioritisation, creation and optimisation.

Every page has to have a reason- A Why?

  • Inventory- what do I have- what am I missing- make sense of the data in spreadsheets.
  • Planning- What does it mean to be an expert on this topic?
  • Creation- look at the data- briefs based on manual research and industry knowledge- using keyword research, competitor analysis, link opportunities,
  • Optimisation- look at organic search quality- how much topic authority do I have? Compare with Google Analytics- PPC replacement values. Where we are winning great, where we are losing- lets improve it or write more.

Natural language generation- add value to the user:

What are the concepts that need to be covered?

Interlinking  pages with similar topics can automate content management and achieve a lot more a lot faster than manually possible.

Content can also auto translate and make your content internationally relevant.

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