UK’s first 4G pricing plans announced

The UK’s first G4 mobile operator EE has announced the prices for it’s new service.The firm’s cheapest contract will be £36 per month with no limit on domestic calls and texts.

However, customers on this plan will only have a data allowance of 500MB- at which point net access is stopped unless a data add-on is bought.

The 4G service was launched this week.

Compared to uses on the slower 3G network, data usage on 4G is expected to be high – potentially leading to increased costs for users who wish to download a lot of data-intensive content such as audio or video.

The announcement follows a frustrating wait for UK consumers who have been unable use 4G capabilities thanks to repeated delays and legal wranglings over the next generation network’s roll out.

An auction, due to take place early next year, will allocate newly available spectrum space to other operators looking to offer 4G to their customers.

Until now, EE had remained tight-lipped over how it planned to charge customers to use its new service.

The top tariff for standard customers will cost £56 per month, and has a data allowance of 8GB.

EE, keen to demonstrate added remote working capabilities, is making a special effort to tempt small businesses with 1GB data allowances on contracts of £35 per month.

Dyenamic Solutions is not surprised by the pricing strategy as phone companies over the years have had to move their premium priced packages from SMS to voice to now data. With the results that the former formats are now given away for free.