We are Digitally Aware

Cyber 139 have demonstrated that we have implemented measures that are appropriate to own level of risk. Applicants are assessed by certified cyber security professionals through BSI.

Organisations who choose to participate in the new scheme will be able to obtain a certificate. These certificates are endorsed by the Police and BSI.

Cyber crime is a growing threat to organisations with over a third having suffered at least one cyber attack or breach in the past 12 months. The good news however, is that the overwhelming majority of cyber crime can be prevented by taking a few simple steps.

To help reduce your vulnerability to cyber crime, the Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) and the British Standards Institution (BSI) have developed a new certification scheme to help your organisation understand where it is at risk and what you can do to protect yourself, your customers and suppliers.

The majority of businesses have become IT dependent without realising it. If you have a website, even use email? Then congratulations you are a digital organisation. Which means that you are open to all sorts of opportunities. And threats. So you need to protect yourself against all sorts of baddies out there.

52% of UK businesses fell victim to some form of cyber security crime in 2017 at a cost of £29.1 billion according to research published in June 2018.

To help our clients survive the worst we help our clients with planning, protection and monitoring 24/7/365 so that they have peace of mind. And can concentrate on wha they do best – making money.

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