Diamond Jubilee is reminder that stamina overcomes sprints

Congratulations to HRH Queen Elizabeth II on her Diamond Jubilee- and 60 glorious years on the throne.The millions of people who turned out to watch the River Thames flotilla in the pouring, cold rain on Sunday is testiment to the growing popularity of the monarchy- and Queen Elizabeth in particular.

It is also a reminder that whilst we live in an era of instant gratification the laws of compound interest still apply to enduring success and longevity.

So whilst some chunter and gnash their teeth in impatience at trying to improve their online businesses- yesterday, in reality taking the trouble to stand back and get the basics right will generate longer term benefits.

Part of the success of the royal family is that they provide stability by careful planning and paying attention to the strategic direction which they are taking.

To blindly sprint ahead without considering the potential results of their actions is to fail to cross the finishing line of a marathon.

The same approach applies to your online business.

Yes the online business competition is ferocious- and getting worse by the day.

However the way to succeed is to take a deep breath and consider where our customers are- and what they want.

Only then can one hope to make a long term profit.

Which is where the real value of creating anything is. Just ask billionaire investor Warren Buffet.