How to increase your online sales- step one

Increasing your online sales is a similar process to increasing your offline, traditional sales.It’s not rocket science- don’t let the technology baffle you- just remember that it’s real human beings who are trying to do business with you.

People have to find you, then you have to offer the potential purchaser what they are looking for and then you have to convince them that you can deliver on your promises.

Get any part of that wrong and you won’t get sales.

After deciding what to purchase, the buyer’s next goal is to complete the buying as quickly as possible, and the website’s job is to hasten and streamline this process as effectively as possible.

Even then it’s not over because they have to act and if the buying process – putting things in a shopping cart, adjusting it, inputting relevant personal details and the payment mechanism amongst others –is not quick, easy and simple then you won’t get sales.

Retail detail- get the basics right

Online purchasers are getting even more impatient. According to these statistics:

  • The average online shopper expects web pages to load in two seconds or less, down from four seconds in 2006; after three seconds, up to 40% will abandon a site. (Forrester Research)
  • 78% of consumers surveyed went to a competitor’s site due to poor performance at peak times. (Compuware and Equation Research)
  • 71% of mobile web users expect websites to load as quickly, almost as quickly or faster on their mobile phone compared to the computer they use at home – up from 58% in 2009. (Compuware and Equation Research)
  • The conversion rate increases 74% when page load time decreases from 8 to 2 seconds. ( real user monitoring data from 33 major retailers, 3 million page views, search transaction)

Is your website too complicated?

After getting the infrastructure basics correct make sure the shop basics work well too.  If you’re asking consumers to take more than five steps to buy something off your site, then you’re asking too much.

Compuware recommends the following:

  • Welcome/cart contents page
  • Bill-to section
  • Ship-to section
  • Payment module
  • Confirmation/thank you page

If you want help to increase your online sales then please just let know and we’ll see how we can get your online cash registers ringing.

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