How to increase your online sales- step two

Help your potential customers to buy from you.When you are wandering around a shop or business looking for the products or services you want- you can usually ask an assistant if you can’t find what you want- or if you want more information. But online businesses frequently ignore this feature. To their cost.

Some people know exactly what they want and will put it straight into search, so no easily visible and constantly available search = no sale as they can’t be bothered to look around.

‘Window shoppers’ will respond to impulses so great photography, featured items, fantastic deals may be the cues these shoppers need along with faceted navigation so they can compare brands and sizes, colours and prices easily. ‘

Trust addicts’ may be uncomfortable and nervous about shopping online, need more guidance and be reassured about privacy and security and customer service including return and refund policies.

Make sure you use clear and consistent navigation.

Photos- high quality photography is crucial. Even better is to give multiple views and the opportunity to zoom and resize as it shows customers more about the item and helps to build trust; it doesn’t look like you are trying to hide something.

Price- show your price boldly and clearly as anything else will annoy users and cause them to leave. If your price is discounted, show them the discount. Do NOT hit them with any hidden extra prices. They’ll leave you in droves.

Product information- give as much information as possible as if you were in a store.

Special offer-shoppers love deals such as free shipping. A minimum limit can encourage shoppers to spend a little bit more just to get free shipping.

Comparisons- let people on a budget  filter out products outside that budget. There are loads of other possible permutations such as colour, size- and you want to make life easier for users. People also want to compare items and brands, so let them.

Reviews- becoming more important- social influences have a profound effect as it is confirmation by an independent source. Positive reviews can motivate users. Negative reviews give you the chance to respond publicly and give your website more credibility.

Shopping Cart- “add to basket”- it may sound obvious but make the BUY button plainly visible, make sure to indicate that the item has been added to the cart so they can keep shopping.

Build trust- give your address and landline phone number on all pages. There must be another way to contact you and your customers must know that real people are available to help. In fact certain types of product are likely to increase average orders and total sales and profitability by promoting a telephone number.

If you want help to increase your online sales then please just let know and we’ll see how we can get your online cash registers ringing.

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